Shayantani Roy

Dr. Aparijita has been my therapist since January. I started taking therapy from her when I was diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder and she seemed to be the only one at the time who would help me without judging me. What instantly struck me about her was that she didn't believe in lending a shoulder to cry on or someone who would just listen to all your problems to make you feel better for some time. There were times when I completely broke down before her and felt like there is no way out. She listened to me patiently and calmly reminded me of my progress and told me that if I have made it this far, then its worth going forward. The way she taught me the different methods of mindfulness have changed my life greatly. After 6 months of therapy, I can gladly say that I know now that situations change. Always. And you have the power to change them

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