Wellness Programs

We have categorically designed wellness plans for employees and employers. These plans offer the working professionals with a plethora of resources for uplifting their lifestyle and health which would enhance the work culture of the organization consequently. The organization has the liberty to avail of our tools, assessment and reports to customize their programs based on their specific needs.

Awareness about mental health of the employees is imperative as it has a significant impact on the productivity of employees and subsequently the organization.

The employees of the organization must be balanced robust and have an open outlook. Any grievances regarding mental health should be dealt with. A positive and compassionate resolution should be provided. Healthy employees generate more revenues and productivity for the firm.

Our programs for the organizations are:

Mindfulness for working professionals-
Mindfulness develops and enhances cognitive ability in working professionals. Being alert and mindful in a stressful and complex situation helps the employees to focus and achieve the goals, be prolific and productive. The employers and employees work in tandem and enliven the work culture. There is exuberance, peace and happiness.

Increased self awareness-
Being self aware helps the employees in overcoming all their and develop leadership skills that leads to increase in productivity and more tolerance for hardships. The practitioners of mindfulness have higher tolerance levels for pain and apathy, increased ability to overcome any untoward incident and better mental and physical health. Research has proved that mindfulness reduces cortisol levels which leads to reduction of depression and anxiety.

We have exceptional workshops to resolve conditions like anxiety and depression borne out of various challenges life throws at us. The modest emotions become overbearing with time and are difficult to overcome. We provide an excellent platform for people to share their thoughts and experiences and win over their problems.

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