Counselling Services

In the fast pace world that we live in today, problems such as being stressful, isolated and substance abuse have become inevitable for people from various age groups.

Counselling enables individuals to identify and define their problems and also helps the individual in exploring various alternatives to solve their stresses and problems. Counselling helps individuals in becoming aware about their emotions and also helps them in being empathetic towards the needs of those around them.

With modern day advancement in technology, the importance of interpersonal relationships have reduced drastically. Nowadays, with social media blooming at its best, the importance of having personal and face to face conversations have reduced. Counsellors provide the clients with unconditional positive regard and empathy to help them in increasing their interpersonal connections and live meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Stress and suffering affect people of all age groups. Counsellors have various skills such as effective listening skills, acceptance, empathy and rapport building which helps clients to reduce or alleviate their psychological suffering. Counsellors have the ability to understand and listen to the clients troubles without being judgemental. This provides the client with a safe space to discuss their problems. The counsellor empowers the client and allows him/her to take decisions on their own which improves the clients overall wellbeing.

Our online platform for counselling services not only makes us easily accessible but also is easy to use. We ensure that the information relevant to the client is kept highly confidential and nothing is done without the consent of our clients. We offer a secure and user friendly environment through video conferencing.

We also provide face to face counselling for people belonging to all age groups. The session usually lasts for 50-60 minutes and the clients are required to visit once a week. Counsellors in these sessions first build rapport with the clients and only when their trust is gained, does the counsellor ask the client to share their stories. These counselling sessions deal and help cope up with issues relating to grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, abuse, depression, relationships, parenting issues, teenage transitions, marital issues, sexuality, communication, intimacy and many more situations like these.

Counselling sessions are kept highly confidential in our organization and no personal information about the client is revealed to anyone. We respect the trust that the client shows on us and we do our best to ensure that the clients sentiments are not hurt at any cost.

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