Psychological counselling


what is psychological counselling

Psychological counselling can be defined as a branch of psychology that allows an individual to gain control over his/her emotions, cognition and behavior. It helps an individual in resolving conflicts and developing inner strength. This type of counselling provides an individual with a safe space to talk about whatever it is that is bothering him/her. Counsellors help clients to develop effective coping strategies to face personal or professional challenges.

It is impossible for an individual to attain peace if he/she is either facing problems on the professional or personal front.

The importance of counselling varies with the situation. As the world that we live in becomes more technologically advanced, which certainly has its own advantages, there are also major disadvantages. Personal physical relationships have significantly reduced which in turn reduces instances of live connections with the people around us. Interpersonal relationships have been replaced with emails and texts. The need for interpersonal connections is fundamental and counsellors can be a very important medium to get that connection. Feelings, emotions, struggles, celebrations used to be shared with personal friends before our culture became to technologically advanced.

People of all age groups go through various traumatic events and experiences that result in various psychological symptoms that can be reduced or even alleviated with the help of a counsellor. A counsellor uses different techniques to help reduce or remove the negative effects of stress, trauma or any other diagnosis or symptoms or mental illness. Counsellors are specially trained to give support and provide help to their clients, which result in not only saving lives but also improving their overall wellbeing.


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