Stream Selection

After class 10 board exams, students stand at one of the many 'crossroads'-What will you do next? Will you take the road leading to less stress, less study, easy study or travel an extra mile like many?

For the first time in your life, you'll have to face a question that might haunt you all your life, "What are you going to do after this"? This question will pop-up from time to time, whenever you reach an important milestone in your life. Many students find this question very frustrating and intimidating if they are not clear about their career ambitions or how to reach it.

An individual's decision making is the most sought after skill in each and every career; no matter which job you do, your success will be based on the reasoning applied behind the decisions you take. This skill is spurred in a student from time to time and it starts right after you finish your 10th grade. Before 10th, the only choice you made was selecting your second language. After 10th, the story changes-- for the first time, you have the steering wheel of your career.

Career Choice

Whatever career choice one makes, entry into it will be affected by ones subject choice in your plus Two level. For instance, you want to go for Engineering then you need to take PCM as a compulsory subject. If it is Medical, it is PCB.

Lets say it is CA /CS /CFA, you can choose any subject at this level, no restriction. So lets say you want to for it go for commerce ... its going to complement your career choice.

Similarly, lets say you want to go for management. Take any stream till graduation you can plan for it, no subject restriction. But there also one important consideration after Management candidates having technical degrees along with it are highly sought for.

Hence, selecting your stream should be based on the following lines

  • • Interest
  • • Aptitude
  • • Career Choice

Why do I need to visit a career counsellor?

Sometimes, it’s better to talk to a counsellor to make better career decisions. A counsellor is one who conducts tests which have been scientifically designed to help students choose the right stream after class 10. There are instances where students take the wrong career decision due to lack of proper guidance. On many instances, students follow their parent’s decision with regard to to their career ignoring their skills and passion. Hence guidance, from experts is always necessary.

Counselors with 20 Years of Experience



  • Subject Selection Tool
  • Helps you to gauge your interest and clear confusion about selection of subjects after Std.
  • 15 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation


  • Measurement of Aptitude, Occupational Interests and Personality
  • 30 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation
  • 1 Face-to-Face Counselling Session with a certified Career Coach


  • Most Advanced assessment tool which generates questions based on flow of responses
  • List of 15-20 High Potential Careers to help you make the right decision
  • 3 Face-to-Face Counselling Sessions with a certified Career Coach
  • Guidance in Goal Setting
  • Assistance in Preparation of Action Plan
  • 6 Months of Online Support by Coach

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