College Selection

Profile Preparation

Making all the right choices starts with helping us build your Profile which consists of the following steps:

Identification of Suitable Career and Course

Zero in on the career stream and course which is most suitable for you through our widely renowned Career Assessment mechanism and guidance by experts.

Finalize Destinations

Compare various countries to select the right one that aligns well with your course, career goals and preferences.

Shortlist Universities

Construct your perfect target college list by identifying colleges that fit well with your career aspirations, interests & profile.

Counselors with 20 Years of Experience



  • Subject Selection Tool
  • Helps you to gauge your interest and clear confusion about selection of subjects after Std.
  • 15 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation


  • Measurement of Aptitude, Occupational Interests and Personality
  • 30 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation
  • 1 Face-to-Face Counselling Session with a certified Career Coach


  • Most Advanced assessment tool which generates questions based on flow of responses
  • List of 15-20 High Potential Careers to help you make the right decision
  • 3 Face-to-Face Counselling Sessions with a certified Career Coach
  • Guidance in Goal Setting
  • Assistance in Preparation of Action Plan
  • 6 Months of Online Support by Coach

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